Travel offer

Have you ever visited Sri Lanka? What do you think about your holiday? Absolutely, you will give me the answer; “yes, I would like to spend the most remarkable holiday in Sri Lanka.” Then I have one more question. Do you have any idea about Sri Lankan Holiday Tour Packages? Of course, from here, GARI […]

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In To The Woods

Last time I mentioned about a forest called Sinharaja (11,187 hectares). One of the most famous Sri Lanka rain forests. But I didn’t include more details about that. Actually, it’s not like a typical rain forest in Sri Lanka. There are some rain forests in Sri Lanka. Actually, there are 17 Forest reserves in this Island. […]

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Heal the Mind

Heal the mind, make it better place. Sorry about the topic, because this is not about meditation or any other healing therapy. But this is just like that. Because if you want a meditate, you have to find a perfect place for that. You don’t need to choose place like a your town. This post […]

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Seven Virgins
seven virgin hills sri lanka

Seven Virgin hills Sri Lanka hills mostly famous as Saptha Kanya.  This mountain range situated in Maskeliya, Sri Lanka. There’s a sad memory behind this gorgeous. 4th December 1974 Martin-air Flight 138 crashed into the mountain, killing 191 people aboard. A small memorial has been built near Norton Bridge with the tire which has recovered. […]

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