You can find out five major types of turtles in here. From April to September most of these turtles comes to lay their eggs on Rekawa Beach. Rekawa is a small village on the south coast of Sri Lanka. According to the villagers late evening(19.00 and 03.00) is the best time for turtle watching on the beach.You can’t use any of camera flashes and other light’s around here. Here I mentioned a very small description about them. Some of them are very rare. But I don’t think there will be no chance to see them. Any way one little thing, don’t put your fingers too close to their mouth when you have a chance to touch them. If you don’t mind your fingers it will be OK.. Because you have 10. I’m just kidding.

Loggerhead Turtle
These turtles are usually red and brown in color. Their large head can identified them easily. Maximum size of fully grown animal can be 90cm to 110cm and weights 135-200kg. Loggerheads have an average clutch size of 112.4 eggs.

Hawksbill Turtle
You can identified them easily because of their green color. Adult turtles grow to 95cm in length, weight aroud 81kg. Adult hawksbill sea turtles are primarily found in tropical coral reefs. A nest can normally contain around 140 eggs.

Olive Ridley Turtle
Medium-sized species of sea turtle. Adult turtle leangth average to 60 to 70cm and weight around 33kg. Fully grown
femail can lay an average of 105 eggs.

Leatherback Turtle
Fully grown adult length average to 1.8m to 2.2m and weight can be 250kg to 700kg. Leatherback Turtle is the largest of all living turtles This turtle is rare find in Sri Lanka. Their shell, which is leather-like rather than hard,  like other turtles. They can identified because of their flippers and unique black and white stripy shell.The smallest clutches are laid by Flatback turtles, approximately 50 eggs per clutch.

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