Sri Pada is first mentioned (as `Samanthakuta’) in the Deepawamsa. Past years most of peoples called to this sacred mountain as Adam’s peak. How ever the real name is “Sri Padaya”. That means the Sacred Foot of Buddha. This sacred mountain is a 7,359 tall and located in Central Sri Lanka. The mountain surrounded by largely forested hills. Sri Pada housing many animals like elephants and leopards.

2580 years ago during third visit that the Buddha placed an imprint of his left foot on top of Sri Pada, on the invitation of a  Prince named Sumana Saman. Sumana Saman is the guardian deity of Sri Pada mountain. The total area being 1,776 sq. ft., On the summit there is a huge boulder, about 8 ft. high., atop which is found the sacred footmark. How ever people beleave the real Fott lies under the boulder, on a blue sapphire.

There are three paths to the Sri pada. The oldest path is Ratnapura path. This path so many beautiful and there are some sacred places in this path, but this is the hardest path and and highly infested with leeches due to dampness of the climate. Seethagangula is a very important landmark route to the hilltop. This cold stream is parent stream of Kaluganga river. Most dangerous part of the mountains is called “Mahagiridambe”. The pilgrims exposed to heavy wind. One of the most famous thing we can see on the top of this mountain is called “Ira Sevaya”, the effulgence of the the rising sun puncturing the eastern horizon. The open semester to the sacred mountaing begins on December to May. During other months it is so hard to climb the mountain with heavy rain and wind. With the removal of the statue God Saman the open semester will start.


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