Heal the mind, make it better place. Sorry about the topic, because this is not about meditation or any other healing therapy. But this is just like that. Because if you want a meditate, you have to find a perfect place for that. You don’t need to choose place like a your town. This post also not mentioning about best places for meditation. Its about a village. Full with many more things to do,not all in one place, but more. Its short, but I think this will enough to have a idea.

The place i’m going to tell you about Belihuloya, is a village in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. The name Belihuloya derived from the “Belih Oya”. “Oya” means the river, which flows through the area. This beautiful area situated at an elevation of 2021 ft above sea level. Belihuloya links both the dry and wet zones of the country. But the climate of this area, believe me this place is perfect for holiday. One of the richest bio-diversity spots in Sri Lanka. (Not like Sinharaja forest). The area around Belihuloya contains a number of Waterfalls. Bambarakanda waterfall (The tallest one) is one of the famous on this list. Don’t forget, if you wanna touch the sky, you got on of the most elegant mountain range in this island. This mountain range famous as “Adara Kanda” that means “Sierra of Love”. I’ll tell you why later. So… Waterfalls,rivers,animals,hiking and trekking, maybe more than that. That’s it. I know, short post about a place, isn’t it. Words doesn’t mean anything. You have to see and feel it your self. Because world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page. This is not my quote. I’m not perfect like St.Augustine.


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