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Sri Lank Day Tours, post like a package. I have some places if you interesting for that. I’m not going to say day tour trips are super awesome. A day tour perfects if you are already closer to that location or already arrived at the specific country. Day tour just like a race, that you going to visit more places in a while. Maybe that will work for few locations. In Sri Lanka, we can tell you some of few places, that you can enjoy your day without losing your expectations. Anyway, that will depend on your choice. If you are super crazy travel thirst nomad, I don’t know maybe this will fit for you, maybe not. Every place consists so many hidden places if you wish to dig it deeper. But now you are going to have the best experience in short time.




Fist two places are the beach sides of the Sri Lanka.So the places are Galle and Trincomalee. I include this place for Sri Lank Day Tours because of this beaches just like heaven. First I would like to tell you about Trincomalee. Most are known as Trinco. Major resort port of eastern province east cost in Sri Lanka. One of the world’s finest natural harbor. This harbor not onlpigeon-island-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours y a harbor but also a well-protected navy fort. Trincomalee’s superb deep-water port has made it the target for all manner of attacks over the centuries. I can target any country in the world from this very place. Bad ass place isn’t it. Great, I’m not kidding. British army called to this for as Fort Fredric, now Sri Lankan armed forces control this fort. This place visit will also cover Pigeon Island experience in underwater diving. You can see a beautiful underwater world inside this crystal clear water.

Things to do in Trincomalee –

  • Snorkelling
  • Unique cultural Experience
  • Watch Natural Harbour

Places to visit –

  • Pigeon Island
  • Trinco Harbor
  • Fort Fredrick
  • Koneswaram temple



Next one is Galle. Galle is the major city situated at the tip of the southwest coast of Sri Lank, 119km from Colombo. The city is the administrative capital of the southern province. Galle features a tropical rainforest climate. It is Galle-Fort-Ariel-View-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours noticeably drier in the months of January and February. While traveling to Galle there is an abundance of beautiful beaches in every town. One of the most famous places is fort build by Portuguese, forfeited later by Dutch. We can also find British mansions. If you use Southern Expressway, that takes to Galle half of the time. But Southern Express is not a good choice. You will miss more beautiful places on the way to the Galle.


Things to do in Galle –

  • Galle City Tour
  • Galle Fort Visit
  • Maritime museum Visit
  • Snorkelling
  • Interact with turtles

Places to visit –

  • Galle Fort
  • Galle City
  • Turtle Hatchery
  • Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa Beach Sides
  • Weligama Stilt Fishing
  • Marine Safari


Yala & Udawalawa National Parks

Let’s go to the forest. The advice you must obey the wild low. Lion is not the ruler of these kindssloth-bear-yala-national-park-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours of forests. There will be a dictator who going to destroy the one who breaks the rules. Like leopards. These guys are smart ass ones who can make a sudden attack if you are not your one way or you are along in someone’s way. That’s why you must take a guide with you. I spoke too much about that.

According to Forbes Magazine, Yala National Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Sri Lanka is its wildlife and the most visited wildlife Park on the island. If you visit this park you can see birds, leopards, elephants, sloth bears, jackals, peacocks, crocodiles, also experience a range of forests, scrubs, lagoons, tSri-Lankan-Leopard-Yala-National-Park-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours anks and grasslands. Sloth bears not handsome like the brown bear. Also not a big one like brown bears. But these guys are toughest ones in the world. No warning, they will attack.

Next kingdom is Udawalawa. One of you must have too. Elephants, Buffaloes, Deer, Leopards and Birds you can see with this tour.  Udawalawe Park owns 12 species of amphibians, 33 species of reptiles, 43 types of mammals, 21 kinds of fish and 184 varieties of birds.  This park representation of many of the East African National Parks.

Things to do in Forest –

  • Jeep Safari
  • Observe the Wild Life
  • Sightseeing Jungles, Rivers etc
  • Maybe there will be chance to see feed to baby elephants

Places to visit –

  • Udawalawa National Park
  • Yala National Park
  • Udawalawa Tank
  • Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home


Sigiriya & Dambulla

That’s enough about animal kingdoms. What about a human kingdom. But this is not the only one kingdom that you will visit if you are going to explore Sri Lanka completely. There was eleven main kingdoms and more than 20 Sinhalese monarchs in aSigiriya-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours ncient Sri Lanka. Now I’m going to talk about Sigiriya. Because one day will mostly enough to visit this castle. This castle belongs to King Kashyapa, son of King Dathusena House of Moriya. Sigiriya is a palace built on a giant rock also a fortress.The “Lion’s Rock”, This is a 220m high rock. Don’t forget there’s a place near the Ranmasu Uyana, a thing called a Star Gate. A rock embers some symbols. If you know the password may be you can go through that.

You can also visit Dambulla ancient city. Dambulla city and Sigiriya recognized as UNESCO heritage sites. Dambulla Cave temple is on of most tourist attraction area in the central province. There are more than 80 documented caves in the surrounding and the paintings are done on the ceiling. There is the total of 153 Buddha statues 3 statues of Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of god and goddess.

Things to do in Sigiriya –

  • Herbal therapy massage
  • Climb the ‘Lions Rock’
  • Photograph the ruins
  • Village Tour

Places to visit –

  • Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Sigiriya Rock Palace
  • Ayurveda Therapy




Do you know about little England? Actually not “a kind of England”. Anyway, it’s like England, But little. Nuwara Eliya is prime hill resort in Central Province of Sri Lanka at a height of approximately 2000m above sea level. The hill station is popular for its fresh, cool and breezy climate throughout the year. There are many British stylish bungalows, tea plantations and many relaxing areas during the travel. Nuwara Eliya is a good escape location for a relaxing break with cool and misty climate.

After you visit this place you can decide this is right about what I told you before. I mean the Little England thing. There are so many places closer to Nuwara Eliya. But I don’t think you ca have enough time to visit all of the places in this place. As I told you before one day tours only cover few basic places, in a short while. But if you stay closer to this places there will be the chance to cover whole places in one day using a package like Sri Lank Day Tours.

Things to do in Nuwara Eliya –

  • Tea Plucking Experience
  • Taste Ceylon Tea
  • Trekking on the mountains
  • Bathe in a waterfall

Places to visit –

  • Dewon Fall
  • St.Clair Fall
  • Seetha Amman Temple
  • Tea Factories and Tea Plantations
  • Nuwara Eliya Town
  • Gregory Lake



I mentioned about a brilliant castle site. I mean about Sigiriya. So I mentioned there were more than 11 Sinhalese Kingdoms in Ancient Sri Lanka. Now I’m going to mentioned about the last Kingdom of my country. So proud of my country also so Kandy-Temple-Of-Tooth-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours sad about some historical landmarks we passed. Let us forget about that. Kandy is a major city and the last Sinhalese royal Capital in Sri Lanka, located in the Central Province. The history of this ancient city backs to the 15th century. Temple of the tooth is the most attractive place in the Kandy.

If you are lucky to have you vacation in August month, there will be a most attractive event going to held. That is Kandy Perahara. Maybe you already heard about this even. In this event, you can’t see most colorful culture dancers of Sri Lankans and Ceremonial Tusker carrying the Sacred Casket. That’s is the things you don’t miss in Sri Lank Day Tours. There are some places also closer to the city. If you wish to visit those places that will take extra time for that.

Things to do in Kandy –

  • Boat ride on the Kandy Lake
  • Temple of Tooth visit
  • Cultural Dance Show
  • Royal Botanical Garden Visit
  • City Tour

Places to visit –

  • Temple Of Tooth
  • Kandy Lake
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Ayurveda Therapy



I talk about places like something we can see also do to get some experience. Previous places are perfect for adventure lovers.Also, I have the best plKitulagala-White-Water-Rafting-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours aces for getting daring experience to your life. Full with water sports and other killing things that will make your tour more value to your life. Can I know something? , have you experienced in rafting or any other related event. My be you are, maybe not. Kitulagala is a beautiful town located in a wet zone rainforest. It has the Kelani River runs through and it experiences two monsoons every year. Because of that, this area makes it the best location for adventure water sports like water rafting.

Bird watching and Exploring ancient caves is some of the best traveling experience you can have in this area. This will be more than enough to have one-day adventure experience with you. There also you can visit a beautiful rain forest and can have Sri Lankan Food Experience too.



I got one more places for Sri Lank Day Tours package. This will be the last place we are going to visit in one day. Colombo is the commercial and business center of SrColombo-independence-square-Sri-Lank-Day-Tours-GARI-Tours i Lanka located on the west cost. The city blends together with old colonial type building, high-rise commercial building, and hotels. This very city was ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British. During this era, this was the major port on the east-west trade routes.

There are many ancient colonial time places and many modern places in this City. There’s a little benefit if you wish to choose this tour. After this one, you can directly go to the airport.


Things to do in Colombo –

  • Shop at Colombo City
  • Visit Gangarama Temple
  • Visit and Learn British Colonial time places
  • Leisure at Galle Face Green
  • National Zoological Gardens

Places to visit –

  • Independence Square
  • National Museum
  • National Zoological Gardens
  • Gangarama Temple
  • Galle Face Green
  • Viharamaha Devi Park


As I said before, I’m not going to say these packages will cover full tour experience. Still, there are much more hidden places around these areas. If we are going to visit those places we need more time for that. I mentioned areas above fit with best places that you can have one-day tour experience into your life. I can promise you these places will never destroy your dream. Try Sri Lank Day Tours …



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