If I ask you, what will be your most romantic moment in your life? Maybe all of you have different answers. What about your honeymoon, is it important to your life. No doubt your honeymoon is probably one of the most romantic day in your life and it is a good reason to go some romantic destination. Probably there are so many choices for that. What about Sri Lanka

If you prefer to select the best honeymoon tour in Sri Lanka with the lovable memories, you will never be disappointed. With the fabulous smiling sun all year round, golden beaches, ancient cities, exciting safaris, colorful culture, adventure sports and good hospitality as well as you can experience a journey of exploring the wilderness, an Ayurveda wellness holiday and a relaxing get – away from the sun? Over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches with coconut palms provide you to the ideal destination for a romantic beach holiday. What do you think?


Sri lanka’s top charming honeymoon beaches

Hikkaduwa Beach is the second best-reputed surfing spot in Sri Lanka. You can visit a coral sanctuary which is located a few hundred meters offshore. The sanctuary has approximately seventy varieties of multi – colored corals. While in place of Hikkaduwa brings you a wander through the town stopping at shops selling beautiful sea shells, wooden carving, masks, and the scene of fisherman bring in their catch.


Sri lanka’s top charming honeymoon beaches

Which is the place enriched with lovely weather, how clean is beach water for swimming? It has been identified as the best surfing beaches in Sri Lanka and the fourth best beach in South –East Asia and is also among the ten best surfing beaches in the world. Indeed the bay has good surf and great wildlife all round. As well as, Arugam Bay is providing you to the wonderful historical sites to explore for all year round with lots of space.


Barely an hour’s drive away from Colombo, you can reach to the idyllic coast of Bentota. The location Bentota will give you incredible views of the Indian Ocean with a large coconut grove.  Also, tourists can bring the experience in an array of luxury hotels, facilities, and comforts.  Bentota provides the perfect position for extended holidays by the beach.  These pristine palm fringes beaches to bring in more pleasure nowhere else to be established.



Locate 195km south of Colombo, along with the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Beach Tangalle shows an attractive picture of a clean sandy beach that stretches out as long as your eyes can see, with beautiful turquoise water. Actually, tourists can experience relaxed and enjoy the beach, and visit turtle watching.  In a case of my view, Tangalle is extremely clear and overall very soft sand and very peaceful, which is easy to find out your own secluded place.



This beautiful beach is located at a distance of 250 kilometers from the Colombo natural harbor. Do you know, travelers like Marco Polo and Ptolemy have come to this place. Actually, Trincomalee beach is providing an experience to engage in recreational activities like scuba diving, sportfishing, surfing etc. Whale watching is one of the most admirable views of Trincomalee.  This beach is known as an excellent place for sea bathing in Sri Lanka. Actually, the Pigeon Islands and springs located in Kanniya are important tourist attractions near Trincomalee Beach in Sri Lanka.  Koneswaram Rock Temple, Thirukoneswaram Kovil and Fort Fedrick and World War II cemetery are some other famous sites near this position.  If you desire, you can forget about the World War cemetery.

Here you can get maximum experience in pristine beaches, wide stretches of sand and what seems like miles of clear and shallow water. Sri Lanka boasts to be the best such as boarding, canoeing, sailing, boating, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, surfing, deep sea diving and lots more activities. As well give to the chance of seasonal bathing is available by the sea and river fronts of many hotels. Pretty bays and coves, deep natural harbors, still lagoons and underwater coral gardens will take your breath away. The best beaches along the Sri Lanka’s East Coast include Nilaveli, Kuchchaveli, Marble Bay, Sweat Bay and the Dead Man’s Cove with its magnificent harbor, towards the north of Trincomalee. The southern section of the east coast includes the peaceful and beautiful beaches of Passikudah, Kalkudah and Arugam Bay.

Enjoy the experience with the most developed resorts. South-West and the West coast areas, where you can experience luxurious comfort, five-star amenities, adventure tours, vibrant nightlife, and international cuisine. Most hotels innovate creatively with the wide variety that is available.

Now you have a proper idea about your vacation packages for your honeymoon. You do not want to destroy your best movements of your life. Take your time and go through with this ultimate vacation packages.

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