Sumana Saman is a deity and the guardian god of the Sri Pada Sacred mountain. The deity holding a lotus in his hand and accompanied by a white elephant. There are several guardian deities like Natha, Upulvan, Vibhishana and Kataragama. God Saman is one of the guardian deities of the Sri Pada and Buddhism in the Island. Ratnapura Mahasam Devalaya is his main shrine. Annually there is festival is held in his honor.god-sumana-saman

Before he becomes a god most common belief, he was a provincial ruler of the Deva clan. Deva clan is one of main four clans (Yakka, Naga, Raksha, Deva) in ancient Sri Lanka. There’s another legend that he was a prince as a younger brother of King Ravana who ruled Sri Lanka. Following the death, Sumana Saman became a god.

God Saman human form despicted as accompanied by a white elephant in the background of Sri Pada. The White elephant is the great noble animal of Sri Lanka Monarch and the Buddhism. The God and the elephant.Most of the dance traditions of Sabaragamuwa related to the God Saman. .Most of the dance traditions of Sabaragamuwa related to the God Saman. Dancer costume said to resemble of his clothes. Sabaragamuwa Asala Perahara is held in August in Ratnapura Mahasaman Dewalaya for two weeks.

                                                                                                                                                                         God Sumana Saman


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