Top things to do in Ella

Top 10 things to do in Ella. Ok, you might already know about this wonderful place. Perhaps it’s on your bucket list. Is it? If it is, that’s perfect, because your decision will not make you unhappy. Anyway, there are some of the best things to do and best places that you must visit in here. Actually, Ella is a very popular destination for trekking. It has an almost perfect climate and occupies a very scenic vantage point, with views on a fine day, stretching right across the South Coast of Sri Lanka. With surrounded hills, perfect for walks through tea plantations to temples and waterfalls falling cold water.

You can reach to Ella by bus or by rail. But I think if you fish to come by train that will be perfect. Because there are so many sceneries en route. The Ella railway station is the 75th station and located 270km from Colombo. So… what are the things to do in Ella ?

Rawana Ella

Actually, this waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in the hill country, Located in the Central highlands of Sri Lanka near to the Ella town. Maybe the name of this fall will remember something. Do you know about King Rawana? In the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana where he is depicted as Rakshasa (demon) king of Lanka. Demon means a kind of tribal name in ancient Sri Lanka. Remember, he is not a satanic person, like Hindu’s tallest in India. I’ll tell you the complete story about King Rawana in a later post. Rawana Ella is an eye-catching waterfall and enriched with natural beauty. This is one of the Sri Lanka’s widest waterfalls with multi-tiered cascading structure. The area is also known for a wildlife sanctuary.

Little Adam’s peak hike

Lst time I mention about Sri Pada (Adams Peak). Sri Pada (Buddha`s footprint left by the Buddha as he headed towards paradise) and Samanalakande (Butterfly mountain, where butterflies go to die). In here, there are no any religious thing for the name Little Adams Peak. He is like the little brother of Sri Pada, but only because of the shape. It is a short walk of 45 mins from Ella to the Little Adam’s Peak.

So it is nice to walk through tea plantations up to Little Adams Peak. If we visit Little Adam’s peak in the morning can see the sunrise or at night time can see the sunset. As well as you have a chance to get Amazing views and brilliant photo opportunities. I have to tell you this hike will be quite short but gives you a good impression of the landscape around Ella. This climb is absolutely worth for your tour. Tell you what, one of the top 10 things to do in Ella…

Walk along Ella Gap

The views through Ella Gap are stunning, and on a clear night, you can even spy the subtle glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Don’t be too laid-back, though; definitely make time for easy going walks through tea plantations to temples, waterfalls.

Ella Rock hike

The scenery and path up to Ella’s Rock is absolutely beautiful. So we can start this walk at the railway station and you should walk the old railway tracks watching out, of course for passing trains, it is a 2.5hour walk, maybe shorter and its best to go in the morning before the cloud settles. Be advice avoid to trek with sandals, it will be a danger after the rain. And don’t forget leeches. Those blood sucking demons will finish you just like a snack. Just joking. But if you can take lime or something that will reject these creatures, it will help for your hike.

Ravans cave

This is a small cave, measuring about 50ft wide, 150ft long and 60ft high located 11 km (7 mi) away from Bandarawela. This is a tunnel network. We can find out several others that run deep. A nice place to sit and contemplate or just admire nature. That historical place is where Ravana has hidden from Rama.The tunnels served as a quick means of transport through the hills and also as a secret passage.

Nine Arches Bridge

When you are traveling to Ella you can get Amazing experience with the architecture. This is about Nine Arches Bridge (3100 feet above the sea level). Built entirely of solid rocks, bricks and cement without using a single piece of steel. The train will slow down in here, then you can have some more pictures. You can try real first class experience in Sri Lankan train journey.

Demodara railway loop

It is worth visiting this little station and watching the train do the Demodara loop. This location most popular because of this spiral rail line. From the Demodara railway station(2,994 ft), you can see the rail line under itself, going around the loop and come out from a tunnel. The rail loop is approximately 3,000 ft long and the tunnel is 1,050 ft in length. You can go with the loop or you can see the loop. What is the best option?

Kurullangala wall paints

The hike will be taken 4-5 hrs. It seemingly very difficult to reach the top of the rocky mountain. The arts on this site are unique. In this cave, nearly 5000 years old. Line arts on the wall consists of birds, peacocks, humans, and other unidentifiable rock arts.

Coffee & Tea Tours

Ceylon Tea is the brand name since 1875.  Tea introduces to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the British colonial era. Serving tea is a true mark of hospitality of Sri Lanka. In here definitely, you can learn about tea production and you can show all the various stages of the tea production process, not only that but also you can pluck some tea leaves. Don’t forget to taste it, I mean a cup of tea. No doubt it’s unique. There are so many things to do in Ella like this workout. You can find what I mean.

Ella Spice Garden
Definitely, you are welcomed into their lovely family home, whilst being taught amazing family recipes. We can learn about some great spices, herbs and our traditional use in cooking.

I have to tell you, I mentioned only a few places in the Ella. There are some other hidden beauties, but I think  ” top 10 things to do in Ella ” will be the best..


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